Rhubarb Vinegar


This lip-smacking vinegar is the quintessential dressing for your salad. A tangy dipping sauce for Asian nibbles.  Drizzle over strawberries. Add a dash to your vodka, lime and soda…Heaven!



Rhubarb, Vinegar, Sugar

4 reviews for Rhubarb Vinegar

  1. Claire

    Love this vinegar- so versatile and delicious!

    • Lanas Garden

      Thanks Claire. Coming into Spring/Summer, there are so many uses for it too.

  2. Sherry (verified owner)

    Equal parts Rhubarb Vinegar and Fish Sauce. Add chilli if you like. Or not! Instant Asian dipping sauce or dressing for salad, noodles etc.

  3. Sue Schirripa

    Love this vinegar – it was given to me as a gift.

    • Lanas Garden

      That’s great Sue, enjoy!

  4. Leonie Cameron

    We love to add a splash (or two) to our spaghetti marinara. Delicious.

    • Lanas Garden

      Yum! That sounds great. Enjoy.

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